all dogs go to heaven.

new tumblr k bye.


Happy new year assholes!  Off to work (: (Taken with instagram)

She really is a dream come true<3

Kinga is by far every definition of gorgeous. This picture just made this the best Christmas I’ve ever had. My love<3

I can honestly say I’m sad that I spent over 400 dollars this Christmas on people and all I wanted was to be taken out on my 21st birthday.

If it wasn’t for Kinga, Id be genuinely depressed about my 21st birthday being nothing, kind of am, but she is so amazingly wonderful that overall I can actually say that this was one of the happiest times of ever been in my life and i truly can mean that. Love my boo :]



Family photo with santa<3

this is I and some of my oldest best friends, I love it
this is beautiful.

Matt didnt want to hold hands with me </3